Business acquisition

CDI Finances supports its customers throughout this delicate process , in all its stage and it validated all its options by its partners, or any professional wants to consult his client.

Business sale

An undeniable experience positions , CDI Finance in this activity. Our expertise ensures that our preparatory operations to optimize the transfer of a business are successful . A CDI Finances qualities , is to treat its operations in the interest of its customers, discreetly.

Business transmission

CDI Finances, again , in his deep sense of respect, knows emphasize human values, for the sole purpose of perpetuating the transaction and the parties’ satisfaction.


All parameters must be considered. All assets and liabilities can go in this process , material and immaterial . CDI Finance is accompanied by recognized professionals whose work serve as references to actions.


Fundraising is an essential policy for businesses , whatever their size. CDI Finance, a key player in this need , maintenance of many ongoing relations with key partners in the market.
CDI Finance adapts to the needs of its customers and works with both banks, with specialized Funds, Family Offices , but also with government agencies … and keeps track of these operations in the long term .

Expert financing

CDI Finances helps clients preparing documents , business plans and other records , in order to highlight the subject or subjects to be financed, and organizes roundtables needed to develop the ideal formula for the funding of projects its customers.




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